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CLC Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

CLC HCMS – Multifaceted People Management Solution


Human Resource is a nuclear of an organisation to support the management to a higher level. It maintains controls to enhance an employee’s experience throughout the workforce while strengthening business operation.

We completely understand the role of HR team’s daily routine with huge workload to maintain a high quality and efficient HR management. Hence, we encourage HR operation to be centralised computing and assist managers to focus on more mission critical aspects of human resource management. HR managers can now spend more time on core business on objective as opposed to attending to minor administration task.

With our HR solution, employees, supervisors, managers, directors are able to tap on this strength by accessing up-to-date online information, doing away with the conventional hardcopy reports that fall out dated as soon as they are printed.

Our system can be considered as one stop system to help HR to minimise unnecessary work hassles by giving more productivity and efficiency on the features that we have invented for you.

  • A revolutionary Employee Self-Service (ESS) application that delivers both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities.
  • Enhances staff's morale by delivering online self service employee information with easy to use interface.
  • Designed to lower form processing costs by eliminating conventional procedure of centralized data entry from paper forms.
  • Reduce your data-to-process time through our smart e-forms and automated form routing with email alerts for speedy approvals.
  • Improves information effectiveness and transparency with our online reporting that supports multi-level zoom capability that allows you to zoom in to transaction details from high level summary information.
  • Moving beyond mere HR transaction processing to provide business intelligence to your managers for effective management of your most valuable resource, people.
  • Web based architecture for distributed deployment of employee self service application over low cost thin client PCs.
  • Delivers high data integrity with scalable perfomance through Microsoft's high perfomance MSSQL database engine

Overview :

This module is ready to turn the administration of your organisation's day-to-day needs, including news annoucement, publication of company activities, updates in company policies and benefits as well as resource administration, into an easy task.

With this module, your organisation's staff will be able to maintain their curricular vitae (CV) data, so that they are up=to-date and can be effectively used to match new job opportunities within the organisation. Supervisors and managers can also access staff movement's action-due information, submit staff confirmation assessments and termination notices in an organised, efficient manner.

This module provides an online framework for managers to assign tasks to staff, and subsequently, enables the staff to schedule upcoming tasks through a user-friendly electronic calendar. This module provides an easy consolidated view of both scheduled and unscheduled tasks, while allowing managers to assess the cost, timeliness and quality ratings of completed tasks whic is intelligently mapped to the staff member's key perfomance indicators (KPIs).

This module enables online submission of various claims, including that of medical, travelling, mileage and general expenses. Claimed expenses can be allocated to projects to facilitate comprehensive project costing. This allows for easy review for managers to perform online approvals and the viewing of expenses summary by projects.

This module enables staff to directly plan and apply leaves without involving conventional paper forms. In addition, staff will be able to directly check their leave records and leave balance. This module also enables supervisors and managers to swiftly view staff leave statistics, records and leave plans, as
well as to perform online approval of leave applications.

This module allows supervisors and managers to submit and approve overtime plan and vacancies. Individulas can view both overtime schedule and actual records, while managers view overall staff overtime schedule, overtime absenteeism, unauthorised overtimes and statistics for a more effective management of overtime

This module enables staff to view daily attendance records, and supervisors to plan staff shift roster, rectify attendance exceptions and verify staff attendance records for payroll processing. Managers can further acccess department attendance performance statistics, for an updated view of the trends on the ground. This module is readily available to integrate with an extensive range of electronic time attendance recorders.

With this module, staff will be able to electronically submit their performance plan for approval, and perform online self-assessment. In addition, your organisation's top level goals can be linked to business goals, and further cascaded to provide the organisation with full accountability for goal performance. KPI reviews and competency assessments are made available to staff throughout the year, to aid in further goal setting. Supervisors and managers can then approve, review and manage staff's goal plan through direct feedback on the staff's progress goals against performance targets and deadlines.

This module provides staff members with direct views of their training calendar, development plans and training history. At the same time, supervisors and managers can electronically submit staff's training needs assessments, development plans, as well as pre- and post-training assessments, to achieve effective execution of performance corrective action plans, followed by the tracking of training effectiveness.

e-HR Planning
Effective HR management begins with planning. This module facilitates the submission of HR plan and budgets for online approval. Budgeting can be inputted either at summary level or at job category level. Manpower requests are automatically tracked against planned headcount for variance analysis. Managers are able to perform salary, turnover and movement analysis to help formulate effective staff development, retention and position succession strategies.

With this module, managers are able to submit manpower requests for online approval, while HR staff view approved requests and match candidates against them. Managers can then shortlist matching candidates for an interview, and define interview outcome. The recruitment process is completely contained within the HR department from creating a job offer and confirming new hire, with an automatic transfer of record to the employee database, eliminating duplications in data entry.

This module enables staff members to view their pay slip, including a full explanation of payroll calculation details, which spells accountability without consuming valuable HR resources. Managers can view departmental payroll listing and verify specific payroll exceptions - such as new staff, resigning staff and eliminate possible 'phantom' employees on the payroll. In addition, with full access toonline wage cost information, managers are empowered with essential information to manage departmental wage cost against wage budgets.