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Simulator & Game-Based Learning


Through CLC's courses, learners can choose from over 20 entertaining games that have been proven to enhance the learning experience of employees of all ages while at the same time reduce resistance to learning.

CLC’s financial sector simulator is designed to be interlinked with experiential learning to help users recognise, analyse and judge critical situations and understand the consequences that may result from their decisions.

With generated reports showing users the results of their decisions, users may analyse the consequences of their decisions at micro- and macro-levels. Our simulator courses cover areas of Human Resources, Leadership and Negotiation amongst others.


  • Simulation Increases comprehension, enhances problem solving skills and increases retention rates
  • games enhance personal interest in a subject and expose users to a variety of viewpoints
  • Role playing exercises help to develop real-world skills, many of which are very difficult to teach using traditional methods of instruction
  • Enhanced progressive longitudinal training of all types of personnel
  • Enhanced ability to evaluate the progress of training
  • Provide accurate and reproducible record of trainee actions, providing a fair and reliable method of evaluating performance
  • Trainees receive direct feedback regarding their interaction