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Assessment Management System


Assessments play a crucial role in any business. Being able to track compliance with regulatory standards and knowing instantly where your practices differ from those standards puts your organisation at an advantage. You will be able to assess your people’s knowledge of these regulations and quickly bring them up to speed.

Here at CLC, our assessment technology helps assure regulatory compliance. Our AMS is designed to minimise opportunities for cheating while securing scoring algorithms, test contents and results.

Our systems are designed to allow you to test employees in multiple locations on a global scale, even when they are on the move. It ensures your employees’ knowledge of new and existing regulatory and legal requirement, in addition to tracking and reporting the organisation’s state of compliance and enabling you to respond quickly to requests for compliance audits. Analytic and reporting features included into our system make it easy to identify areas that require intervention as well as disperse results among shareholders.


  • Minimise opportunities for cheating and ensure the security of test content
  • Track and report the state of compliance and respond promptly to requests for compliance audits
  • Improve and document employee knowledge of complex standard operating procedures
  • Help employees master equipment operations, company procedures and safety rules
  • Assessment results are safely stored within the central repository, serving as your assessment management system to simplify any inspection process
  • Rapid deployment of online assessments on a local or global scale
  • Storing results centrally gives geographically dispersed workforces a clear view of what people know and areas in which interventions are required