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The Virtual Classroom


Virtual classrooms broaden the reach and effectiveness of training programmes that need to be implemented throughout your company. These online classrooms enable you to roll out new programmes and information within days rather than months. To provide the ultimate virtual classroom experience, CLC’s virtual classroom system is conveniently scheduled to allow your employees to get ahead faster and more economically than traditional instructor-led training (ITL). Designed to integrate the benefits of ILT to the desktop, our virtual classroom also offers additional advantages with its collaboration tools.

The highly interactive classes and online training contains videos, learning labs, advanced testing, tracking and grading resources within the system. The virtual classroom supports hundreds of students per session and allows for Q&A, chatting, polling and quizzes.


  • Easily manage virtual training classes through an online calendar
  • Attend mobile online training and classes using an iPhone, iPad, or a desktop Web browser
  • Online training evaluations and tests
  • Breakout rooms where students can engage in group exercises
  • Create a single instance of content and share with individuals or across communities
  • Enable multiple people to work simultaneously