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Thunderbird Certificate in Upstream Global Oil & Gas Management


This course offers valuable insight into the global oil and gas industry, specifically the upstream business segment. You will learn about the political realities of the oil & gas industry, develop an understanding of the life cycle of projects and different phases of oil and gas development, analyze the competitive advantages of oil & gas production and study the financial management aspects of oil and gas companies. You will have the opportunity to analyze and understand global oil and gas strategies, and position your organization as a leader in this dynamic, global competitive landscape. Immerse yourself in this Thunderbird Online certificate, and gain a thorough understanding of today’s global energy marketplace, and how it directly relates you as an integral part of the overall oil and gas value chain.

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“I have been working in only a small part of the value chain of the industry makes me a bit of ignorance of the bigger picture. Having knowledge on overall of the value chain, my view & makes me appreciates broaden more of my role and be more marketable in the industry.”
Yanti Ibrahim – Engineer of Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad


“This training programme provides the opportunities for working adults like me to upgrade the knowledge and earn certificates in relevant fields to the work. The training programme is flexible and easy to follow the instructions.”
Yew Kwang Hooi- Lecturer and Researcher of University Teknologi Petronas


“A great overview on the entire oil & gas industry for those who are lack on the overall understanding. It also enhances the perspective of how an individual look at the oil and gas industry from different point of views.”
Ravindra Vengadesan - Wellwork Supervisor & Gas Lift Rotator of Exxonmobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc.

** This training programme is not available until further notice.